WhatsApp: Android users, here’s why some of you may be logged out from WhatsApp

WhatsApp: Android users, here’s why some of you may be logged out from WhatsApp

Logged out from WhatsApp? If yes, then don’t worry as you are not alone. Many Android smartphone users are being logged out of their WhatsApp accounts for no apparent reason. As per WaBetaInfo, this is due to a bug on the instant messaging app.
“Your phone number is no longer registered with WhatsApp on this phone. This might be because you registered it on another phone. If you didn’t do this, verify your phone number to log back into your account”. Some Android users received this message on their phone’s screen when they opened WhatsApp.
In a post on Twitter, WaBetaInfo said that the issue arose because of a bug and nothing to worry about. For those unaware, WaBetaInfo is an online platform that keeps track of new updates and developments coming to WhatsApp.
“If you have been recently logged out from WhatsApp, on WhatsApp for Android, don’t worry: it’s a bug. You can log into WhatsApp again,” reads the tweet.

Incidentally, there is so far no official word on the same from Facebook-owned WhatsApp. The company has neither acknowledged the issue or denied it.
Recently, WhatsApp rolled out multi-device support to a limited number of testers. The new feature will allow users to use WhatsApp on their smartphone and up to four other non-phone devices simultaneously — even if your phone battery is dead. This means that users will be able to link companion devices without the need to keep your phone connected.
Those who are currently eligible for the multi-device support are:
WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business app beta users who are using the latest version of WhatsApp beta on Android and iPhone
WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business app users in limited countries.

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